Chiwoniso * 5 March 1976 - † 24 July 2013

Chiwoniso * 5 March 1976 - † 24 July 2013
Chiwoniso (Credit: Judith Burrows)
  • country:Zimbabwe
  • style(s):Pop, Traditional
  • label:Cumbancha
  • type:Band, Solo
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:GRIOTproduction GmbH

Line up

  • Chiwoniso Maraire (Vocal & Mbira)


Chiwoniso * 5 March 1976 - † 24 July 2013


Chiwoniso was with us from the very beginning of our company.
We started working together with her and Andy Brown in the 90ties. Their first longer tour was in the year 2000 when they had to re-open the Roskilde Festival after the tragic accident in that year. Touring with Chiwoniso was Rock`n Roll ... she lived her life very intense. Talking with her was exciting - she had a great laughter - and she truly loved people. It was always simply great to spend time in the company of Chiwoniso. And over the years we became friends.

Chiwoniso can be considered one of Africa´s greatest artists. She could sing ! And she could play the mbira ! And the way she did this simultaneously was unique ... She worked together with many other great artists and those that were lucky enough to see her live in concert or meet her will never forget this wonderful soulsister.
It is hard to believe that she is not with us any more.
One can´t imagine a world without her.
We are already missing her too bad.
Best thing to do now: listen to her music ! Let her music play ! Please let her music play !