Gulaza - Secret Women Songs From Yemen

Gulaza - Secret Women Songs From Yemen
credit: Pawel Mazur


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Live in Krakow, Poland
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Line up

  • Igal Gulaza Mizrachi (Vocals & percussion)
  • Leat Sol Sabbah (Cello)
  • Shahar Katchka (African N'goni & percussion)
  • Yair Hashachar (Guitars)


Gulaza continues the natural evolution of Yemenite Women songs. Mystical texts that have passed for centuries from mother to daughter acquire a modern and contemporary meaning in a special instrumental composition. The combination of traditional Saharan strings, cello and acoustic guitars, and the fact that these songs are sung, for the first time by a man - creates a unique soundtrack that takes the listener into a world of prayer, passion, dance, love and longing for freedom.

Gulaza’s uniqueness stems from its repertoire of traditional Yemenite women songs which, unlike any other prior performer, are delivered by an Israeli man. This approach allows to efface the traditional concept of gender. Moreover, not to betray their authenticity, the songs are interpreted in Arabic, sometimes chanted, as these ancient texts often were. An Israeli man performing Yemenite women’s songs in Arabic is already atypical but Gulaza reaches deeper than that. Each song is a story in itself and gives voice to the plight of young Jewish Yemenite girls who are often coerced into child marriages, and all the oppression it implies. Gulaza weaves their stories into a powerful tapestry of sounds and dance and through it, raises awareness to women’s status and hints at what should be their rightful place in society, often overlooked by century-old traditions, whether it be in Yemen or across the world. Gulaza offers spectators a production which awakens all the senses. The connection between the music and the viewers is instant, and magical.

In spite of being performed in a foreign language, the melodies, together with Igal Mizrachi’s torrid vocals and theatrical performance, deeply touch the audience’s soul. Whether in distinct countries, such as South Korea or Sweden, dissimilarities fade.

Gulaza transcends all boundaries as it unifies cultures under a profoundly spiritual canopy.
No-one, regardless of their musical familiarity or cultural identity, leaves a Gulaza concert, untouched.
The mystical texts and the specific combination of instruments abound in beauty. Rich in mystery and tradition, audiences are thrown back in time, unconsciously reminded of the universality of human nature.

Only three years old since its formation, Gulaza has been exploding onto the international scene and has gained raving reviews. It has toured and performed in Far East, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.