Geetha Navale

Geetha Navale


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  • country:India
  • style(s):Ethnic, Global Fusion
  • label:Kreek World Music
  • artist submitted by:Guruskool Music


The VEENA is the instrument played by the Indian goddess of Music, Saraswathi and has developed in India since pre vedic times (4000 BC)
Though extremely versatile - it has a tonal range of 4 octaves and a set of rhythm strings to enable playing of a rhythmic accompaniment to the fluid melodies drawn out on its deep set brass frets where a note can be pulled to six semitones! - it's unique sound has remained relatively unknown internationally.

Geetha Navale who has been playing the instrument for over two decades has made it her life's mission to showcase the veena to the world.Whether at the Knitting Factory in Manhattan, playing with avant -garde jazz musicians or playing solo in a temple in South India, her special touch on the Veena,the mother of all instruments has drawn the listener to a different world.

Geetha Navale is based in Bangalore, India and is looking forward to perform in festivals around the world as well as collaborate in global fusion projects.
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To quote a press review -Geetha had the audience lapping up every single semi tone she dished out. It was reminiscent of Ravi Shankar's performance at Woodstock... The Asian Age.

For the image you can see below:
"Geetha Navale on Veena and Alex Letteli (France) on the Bass at the World Music Day Festival at Alliance francaise Bangalore."