• artist:Geetha Navale
  • featured artist:Geetha Navale on Veena, Jesse Sheehan On Saxophone, Gopal Navale on uitar and Vocals,Michael Sorenso
  • release year:2000
  • style(s):Global Fusion
  • country:India
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:Guruskool Music
  • label:Kreek World Music


A dulcet veena solo harkens you to a land of spiritual regeneration, only to deliver you to the warm hug of a blues-harp boogie. Or else you are bestirred from your euphoric groove by the sobering lyrics on some of the tracks (such as the elegy to Graham Staines). Or perhaps saxophone flurries and drum-rolls spin you into a dervish dance, and as a Mridangam rev-up loosens the last shackles of gravity from your ankles, you alight upon several minarets of the temple of nirvana all at once. And justly so, for there's the entrancing chant to the lord Shiva to serenade your landing!