GUESSOUS Majda Mária

”Through folk music, I would like to become a bridge between different people and different cultures. It is through folk music that I can best experience and express the nature of life and song, in the hope that it is not just I, but also others who take wing.”

GUESSOUS Majda Mária (Meshi) is a Hungarian-Moroccan Junior Prima Award winner singer. In her music she explores the parallels in melodic tunes inherently existing in the different musical traditions of the world not especially in Hungarian, Moroccan and Indian folk music but Pakistani, Turkish, Kurd and Gipsy tunes also occur very often.

She had performances in the USA, Turkey, Morocco, India, Kazakhstan and in 2017 she was invited to Azerbaijan and to Kuvait.

Meshi has been credited with several successes both nationally and internationally. She sang at the stages of famous festivals, for example in Morocco at the „Festival de Fès des musiques sacrées du monde”, in India „Delhi International Arts Festival” and in Spain „Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada | FEX”.

„Her profoundity, intensity, lyricism, maturity are exceptional.” (László Távolodó Marton, Sziget Festival)


GUESSOUS Majda Mária


MeshindaGuessous Trio


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In thy name


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MESHINDA: TharoBanna - The best wedding song ever
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