Line up

  • BILJARSZKI Emil (keyboards, guitar)
  • Karen ARUTYUNYAN (guitar)
  • KROLIKOWSKI Dávid (percussion)
  • OLÁH Annamária (vocals, flutes)
  • VAJDOVICH Árpád (bass)

“Ecstatic self-awareness, lascivious dancing, blissfully screaming and staggering sensual happiness. The vocal magician is Annamaria, an elfin singer with flowing gestures, dances barefoot on the floor while her voice wanders with fluttering vibrato and throaty tone”

That’s how Deggendorfer Zeitung (DE) described Meszecsinka.
The band’s name means „Little Moon” in Bulgarian.
Meszecsinka sings in seven languages and leads you into a Wonderland, where Bulgarian and Hungarian folk lives together with flamenco and psychedelics, oriental and experimental.
The band tours frequently in many European countries. They visited the USA and Canada, recorded video on the Red Square in Moscow and a road movie in the Balkan. Their art video “Kinyílok” (I open up) reached the sixth place on the videochart of World Music Network (UK) and fRoots Magazine (UK). The year 2017 started for the band in New York, where they performed at the APAP (Association of the Performing Arts Presenters) conference with great success.






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It's blowing from above


At dawn


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It's hard
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