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Hangveto Ltd. www.hangveto.hu/start Is the official consultant of world music and roots music of two outstanding Budapest music halls, that of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music www.lisztacademy.hu/ and the Palace of Arts mupa.hu/en/ and the producer and editor of special radio programs five times a week in the Bartok Music Radio.

The Hangveto has a 13 years of experience in publishing, distributing and producing world music and roots music in Hungary and worldwide.

The founders of the company Endre Liber and Andras Lelkes being musicians themselves in Tukros Hungarian folk band tukros.hu are committed to making these productions popular for Hungarian audience with very high standards.

The Hangveto has been attending the WOMEX for more than ten years and they were requested to compile the 2011 Opening Gala in Copenhagen www.womex.com which was a great success.

Endre Liber: endre@hangveto.hu

Endre Liber

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