Romain Baudoin

Romain Baudoin
Romain Baudoin "1 Primate"
Romain Baudoin postcard


Pre-master from the upcoming 2nd album
  • 1 Pantera
  • 2 Olifan
  • 3 Ors
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Teaser for the second album coming in october
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  • country:France
  • region:Occitania
  • style(s):Instrumental, Rock
  • label:PAGANS
  • type:Solo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, percussion, string, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Hart Brut

Line up

  • Romain Baudoin (Hurdy-gurdy, percussions)


Romain Baudoin created the Torrom Borrom, a chimerical instrument, a dream of a double neck mix between a hurdy-gurdy and an electric guitar.
For this one-man band, Romain Baudoin also plays a bass drum and percussions. He records live without overdub or looper.

"The hurdy-gurdy strikes us with a fantastic drone, the other hand of Romain plays the guitar with some desert melodies reminding me the best records from Earth (second period). Clear and simple, hypnotic, all the audience is catpivated. Great !" Abus Dangereux

PAST GIGS : opening for Shellac in Pau, Valencia, Madrid, Bilbao and Gijon. Festival A Tant Rêver du Roi in Pau, Le Manège in Lorient, Les Patrimoniales in Sarlat, with Laetitia Sheriff and Olivier Mellano at Les Embellies festival in Rennes, La Gâterie in La Roche Sur Yon, opening for benjamin Clementine in Antipode Rennes, soirées Tricollectif in Paris, Jazz à Poitiers festival, NoBorder festival in Brest, Uzeste Musical, etc.