"Um Malandro em Paris" - Michel Tasky

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    Michel Tasky
  • region:
    Rio de Janeiro
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    • Brazilian
    • Samba
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    • Audio File / Digital
    • CD (Compact Disc)
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    Tratore distribuidora, released by artist

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Um Malandro em Paris is a special project where Brazilian sambas meets french culture and parisian appeal that has always been very strong, especially in Rio de Janeiro. Besides old sambas, compositions are also part of this project. The style is "gafieira samba" which is a traditional jazz-type band with brazilian samba swing.
10 arrangers of highest musical quality for 10 songs give a special touch at this CD. Arrangers are Eduardo Neves, Leandro Braga, Jayme Vignoli, Guto Wirtti, Thiago da Serrinha, Lucas Porto, Luis Barcelos, etc... , all excellent musicians and arrangements; The CD has been recorded with guests like Bebê Kramer (acordeon), Everson Moraes (trombone) and Aquiles Moraes (trompete). Special guests are from Jongo (afro-brazilian rythm very little known abroad).


Michel Tasky


CD Cover "Um Malandro em Paris" full CD cover with design from Yuri Reis

Track List

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Nao Vai Dar

bilingual composition of Michel Tasky


A Neta de Madame Roquefort

samba de breque of Nei Lopes referering to french influence. Special guests: The Morais brothers at trumpete and trombone



original samba from Mauricio Carrilho and Vidal Assis used for the videoclip


Tem Francesa no Morro

old maxixe with brand new arrangement of great bass player Guto Wirtti and Bebê Kramer at the acordeon


La vie en Samba

Brazilian samba from the 50s nearly totally in french


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Rio Eu te Amo

composition of Michel Tasky with arrangement based on Radamês Gnattali style

videoclipe "Partiu"

Recorded in Rio de Janeiro, this clip show what Samba de Gafieira is with a sensual touch and a different ending

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