Bjoern Meyer

musician / label manager

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  • Hermes Records


Björn Meyer – Bassplayer, composer, label manager.
Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. His journey as freelance musician started 1989 with a wide spectrum of musical adventures. Traditional music, soundscapes, grooves and playing-techniques from all over the world always had major influences on his music and also challenged him to develop his very personal style; always searching for new ways of expressing ideas on the bass. As a composer he also combines styles, traditions and moods to a unique form - a concept he calls “Tripfolk” or “Bazaarmusic”.
In 1996 Björn moved to Switzerland and since then works as a musician and producer in many national and international projects. Except being a member of ECM recording artist Nik Bärstsch’s RONIN he also plays with Asita Hamidi’s Bazaar and the swedish trio Bazar Blå a.o. As a teacher he leads workshops about bassplaying and modern approaches to “folkmusic” and has taught at the conservatories in Stockholm, Zürich and Luzern.
Björn is, together with harpplayer Asita Hamidi, one of the leading members of “Bazaarpool”.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2007
  • WOMEX 2003