HEVIA, the multimillion seller, presents his new project "AL SON DEL INDIANU"

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HEVIA, the multimillion seller, who also invented the electronic bagpipes over twenty years ago, has now returned to the traditional bagpipes with an undiminished desire to continue innovating: latin percussion and big band sounds, America and Europe brought together through vibrant melodies by a master. The full tropical flavour of the Celtic diaspora.
Between 1850 and 1950 one million Asturians emigrated to America. Returning emigrants have enriched their communities with their skills and knowledge, such as Habaneras music and the architectural building style of the Indianos (emigrants who returned home from “the Indies”), which have now become an inextricable part of Asturian culture. The Asturian diaspora that emigrated to America has also had its bards. Asturian pipers and their bands have been entertaining Asturian emigrants at their parties and social gatherings for decades.
For many years now Hevia has been following in the footsteps of the earlier Asturian bagpipers in America. He decided to live in the Dominican Republic while working on a project which he had been turning over in his mind for some time: AL SON DEL INDIANU.
Hevia has chosen to become into an emigrant piper in order to obtain a deeper understanding of the complex phenomenon of the Asturian Indianos.
Since moving to America Hevia has worked with creole musicians in Santo Domingo and Havana, which he visits regularly. The Al Son del Indianu project is the result of Hevia´s years of searching for the best way to fuse the traditional sound of the bagpipes with the myriad wealth of Caribbean musical genres. Hevia, like the Indianos pipers before him, has shared many hours of practice and study with Dominican and Cuban musicians, and the result is a fusion of Asturian pipes with Latin American rhythms that sounds completely natural. He has succeeded in going beyond not only the supposed geographical limitations of his instrument, but also its technical ones. Al Son del Indianu combines traditional sounds with music written by Hevia himself, and classic Latin American songs. Gardel´s tangos are played with Cuban bolero rhythms and haunting bagpipe melodies. Classical pieces such as Isaac Albéniz´s Asturias, which Hevia adapted to the Asturian pipes and played for the first time at the Lorient Festival in 2013, and Rimsky Korsakov´s Capricho Español, are fused with the vibrant rhythms of cha-cha-chá, merengue and traditional bagpipe melodies, at the hands of an unparalleled virtuoso.

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