KTU (Gunn, Pohjonen, Mastelotto)
KTU live in Ostrava


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Live at Tavastia, Helsinki
  • KTU
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  • country:Finland
  • label:indie
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist submitted by:Hoedown Arts

Line up

  • Kimmo Pohjonen - Finland (accordion)
  • Pat Mastelotto - USA (rhythmic devices, samples)
  • Trey Gunn - USA (Warr guitar)


KTU (pronounced "K2") features accordion madman Pohjonen in a psychedelic power trio with Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto from King Crimson. Their debut album 8 Armed Monkey was released in 2005 and their second album Quiver was released in 2009. They have toured and performed in Japan, the Americas, Europe and Russia.

Most recent KTU shows were in Macedonia and Poland

"KTU (pronounced "K2")... is a robust tumult of Northern Lights sparkle, white-wolf guitar wail and rolling knotted thunder. Pohjonen is a wonder unto himself: animating his wind song with pedals and processing; attacking the bellows with the ecstatic fury of Jimi Hendrix. When I saw KTU play in Europe recently, they were as powerful and transgressive as the current killer Crimson. But I was stunned to discover, after the show, that KTU have yet to get an American gig, because, Gunn said, promoters are afraid of the word "accordion". People, look at it this way: Pohjonen plays the ultimate in air guitar. Now hit the phone." (Rolling Stone, David Fricke)

"...awesome...awesome...awesome...awesome... in the silence that follows, as you stare slack-jawed at your speakers and you find yourself marveling "Awesome" in moronic wonder, you'll understand the damage that's been done" (The Wire)

"KTU sounds like a Siberian mushroom shaman with accordion meets King Crimson and Cream in the world's most psychedelic power trio" (Jussi Niemi, Aamulehti)