A Consommer De Préférence

Line up

  • Corentin Aussems (Guitars, composition)
  • Gérald Bernard (Drums, percussion)
  • Guillaume Van Parys (Saxophones)
  • Jonathan Aussems (Piano, composition)
  • Simon Laffineur (Guitars)
  • Sophie Bayet (Violin, flutes)

The Belgian band A Consommer De Préférence (or ACDP to close friends !) propose a singular musical pallet full of different colours. Through the original compositions by brothers Jonathan and Corentin Aussems, we can discover a succession of short and longer instrumental tales, marrying in a particular way the influences of various musical cultures, as well as the sonorities of the piano, the guitars, the percussions, the violin, the flutes and the saxophones. To agree with everybody, this eclectic style has been qualified as " Positive Orchestral Music ".


A Consommer De Préférence



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