Liona & Serena Strings

Line up

  • Juan Diaz Porras (Cello)
  • Liona Hotta (Voice)
  • Maria Pilar Lopez Hurtado (Violin)
  • Oscar Bergillos Sanchez (Guitar)
  • country:
  • style(s):
    • Ethnic
    • World
  • label:
    not signed
  • type:
  • instrumentation:
    instrumental, vocal, string, guitar
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Liona & Serena Strings concerts lead our imagination to different hidden corners of the world, where reality meets the powerful magic of the heart.

Oscar's guitar, Pilar's violin and Juan's cello embracing Liona's voice, providing a warm natural and close sound.

Each group member has gone a long way, conceiving and therefore looking for music in a different manner.
Each has to put him/herself in the otherĀ“s shoes in order to walk the magical road together.

The result of such care turns their concert into a moment of introspection, channelization with the universe and connection between souls. A moment to feel, recognize ourselves and be whole.

After 2 years performing all around south Spain with their first album - CHIMES, a mixture of original and interpreted World Music themes, the quartet is working nowadays, recording and producing their second album and concert - SEFARAD, dedicated to the SEPHARDIC music and the ancient PIYUTIM - hebrew philosophical and spiritual texts, composed by the group members into songs.



Liona & Serena Strings


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Morenika (Sheharhoret)

old Sephardic Song



The main theme of the Chimes album by Liona & Serena Strings


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Morenica by Liona & Serena Strings
At Telhi Basade by Liona & Serena Strings
Rehearsal, Liona & Serena Strings October 2016
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