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Line up

  • Egons Kronbergs (acoustic guitar)
  • Gatis Gaujenieks (vocals, bass guitar, giga)
  • Ilga Reizniece (vocals, violin)
  • Maris Muktupavels (vocals, bagpipes, kokle, accordion)
  • Martins Linde (drums, percussion instruments)


Iļģi, Latvia's pioneer traditional music interpreters and folk-rock innovators, are celebrating 35 years of extremely active existence. Founded by violinist and singer Ilga Reizniece and piper and kokle player, Māris Muktupāvels, during the restrictive Soviet-controlled days when celebrating any kind of national cultural identity other than the officially approved happy-peasant image was deemed as dissident, they've survived to become a national treasure. Through 14 albums they've explored different aspects of Latvian culture, history and mythology while making beautiful and exciting music, scooping up skeins of awards and touring around the world. as well as curating the Collection of Latvian Folk Music CD series and instigating educational projects, for which Ilga Reizniece received the Latvian Ministry of Culture's Grand Award in Folklore. Ilga: experts, explorers, custodians, champions and torch bearers of Latvian traditional music, sounding better than ever.