Manuel Hermia

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Improvisor, composer and explorator of the musics from the world, Manu developped personnal projects in different directios at the same time : in jazz with the Manuel Hermia Quartet ( L’esprit du Val, Igloo 1999 and Rajazz, Igloo 2006 ), with the band Slang ( Los Locos, Save the Chilis, It’s on the way ) and also on bansuri ( north indian flute ) with « Le Murmure de l’Orient » which means " The Whisper from the East "( Igloo 2005, et Cristal/Harmonia Mundi 2005 ). He works also in the contemporary company Feria Musica since 9 years.

He played with numerous artists from many cultures : Dhruba Ghosh ( Inde ), Regis Gizavo ( Madagascar ), Ben Ngabo ( Rwanda ) , Nono Garcia ( Espagne ), Joao Braga ( Brésil ), Dobet Gnahoré ( Côte d’Ivoire ), Purbayan Satterjee ( Inde ), Madjid Khaladj ( Iran ), Karim Baggili …

We heard him also with Fred Wesley, Pierre Van Dormael, Didier Laloy, or in popular french music with Adamo, Sttellla, William Sheller, Khadja Nin, Victor Laszlo,Lara Fabian, Jean-Louis Deaulnes, Clarika…



Manuel Hermia


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