about 60 artists

  • event type:Festival
  • date:02 Jul 2004 - 10 Jul 2004
  • time:nine days
  • city/area:Imatra
  • venue:BB Club, Imatrankoski
  • country:Finland
  • event submitted by:Imatra Big Band Festival

Imatra Big Band Festival (IBBF) is one of the biggest jazz festival in Finland with a particular emphasis on the music of large orchestras. Besides that it offers plenty of events also for smaller top ensembles and artists from all over of the world.

In the year 2004 IBBF will be arranged for the 22nd time in July, 2.-10.7.There will be about 45 concerts and approximately 500 musicians and 60 ensembles will gather in Imatra.

Besides various types of jazz music and swing, the spectrum of festival events will also include a large measure of black rhythm music from blues to soul and funky as well as Latin American rhythms, world music and rock.

date: 2004.07.02 - 2004.07.10