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IMZ - global non-profit association dedicated to the worldwide development, dissemination and promotion of music and dance in the audio-visual media

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  • WOMEX 2001
  • WOMEX 2002
  • WOMEX 2003
  • WOMEX 2004
  • WOMEX 2005
  • WOMEX 2006
  • WOMEX 2007
  • WOMEX 2008
  • WOMEX 2009
  • WOMEX 2010
  • WOMEX 2011
  • WOMEX 2012
  • WOMEX 2013
  • WOMEX 2014

company description

The IMZ is the global association for all those involved in any aspect of audio-visual music and dance. Its 150+ members include broadcasters; performing arts companies and venues; programme producers and distributors; record and DVD labels; cinema and new media specialists: all the participants in the creation and dissemination of music in the media.
The largest are international brands like the BBC, Metropolitan Opera New York, and Universal Music; the smallest are individual composers, choreographers, musicians or directors.

Since it was founded in 1961 under the aegis of UNESCO the IMZ has dedicated itself to the worldwide development and promotion through audio-visual media of all forms of classical, jazz, world and contemporary music, as well as classical and contemporary dance.

IMZ is a forum for networking and exchange whose core objectives are to serve as a high-quality advisory body of the industry and as a mediator between those organisations and individuals involved and interested in the fields of music and dance.
It is the IMZ's intention to make the performing arts available to a wide audience around the globe and help arts programmes occupy their rightful place in the media.



  • World Music Films on Tour

    LET THE WORLD MUSICS BE YOUR GUEST!World Music... 05 Oct 2011 - written by Marion Mangeng, Imz - International Music + Media Centre from Austria


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