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Since 2002 manager of one of the top Czech world music band Cankisou, working as a manager and booking agent for Indies Production agency closely connected to an independent label Indies Scope (www.indies.eu)

CANKISOU – Wild rhythms, possitive energy, Balkan, African, Indian, Arabic, Pakistan and Moravian influences, rock and ethnic instruments all this mixed together with an old legend about one legged Canki nation and its language creates an unique ethnic fusion called CANKISOU. The band has been one of the top world music bands in the Czech republic and has already made audience in 18 countries (including Pakistan, Réunion, Malaysia) dance. Forget loops, samples and other electronic stuff. This music bursting with amazing energy is 100 % live and highly addictive! CD Faÿt for 3 months in the top 20 in the World music charts Europe (No. 12, 10, 17 in 1/2012-11/2011), No. 98 in the top 200 WMCE in 2011 out of 899 moninated CD´s, performance at Rainforest world music festival, Sziget festival. CD Lé la (2008) reviewed in Songlines with 4 stars. Performance at the first Czech showcase festival Czech music crossroads 2014, 3 nominations for Czech music Anděl award in the World music category including the last CD Supay (2015) which was No. 144 in the top 200 WMCE 2015.

JITKA ŠURANSKÁ TRIO - Moravian folk music, spiced up by original instrumentation and the distinctive musical potential of the highly skilled trio members (violin, double bass, mandoline). Jitka Šuranská has been awarded two Czech music awards in the world music category and even journalist Simon Broughton (music magazine Songlines) concluded his article on Morava saying “Jitka Šuranská is someone to watch.“ The CD was reviewed in Songlines. Nomination for Czech music Award Andel 2016 in the World music category.

TARA FUKI - two women, two voices, two cellos and very intimate music. Their songs for two wooden bodies interlaced by caressing sound of Polish language create a fragile web of tones which, by a wave of a bow, can change into a dangerous trap. Tara Fuki received Czech music award Anděl in the “Alternative Music – World Music” and “Newcomer of the Year” category for 2001 and in the “World Music“ category in 2007. The first Czech band ever at the music fair WOMEX 2007 in Spain. The previous album Sens shows Tara Fuki in a quieter aspect, with fewer digressions in other genres. You can also hear more intimate but also more improvised music. The last CD Winna brings the duo back to their roots, gets amazing reviews and spent 3 months in Top 20 in the WMCE. Professional award at showcase festival Czech music crossroads 2015. The Best of Tara fuki was released 10/2015.

BRAAGAS - colourful women voices and folk songs from all around Europe. Performance at Rainforest world music festival 2010 on Borneo island, Sur Jahan 2017 in India and in most of the European countries. The band is characteristic for their expressive and colorful vocals and vivid rhythmic and also for the use of non traditional instruments, such as cither, bagpipes, shawm, shalimo and different kinds of percussions. Czech music award Andel in the World music category for CD´s Tapas (2009) and Yallah! (2014).

YELLOW SISTERS - a female a cappella quartet with a male beatboxer, that floats with lightness and elegance across music styles of funky, r`n`b, world music, jazz and reggae. These sound illusionists experiment in their author songs with voices and search the original way to express melody and rhythm. Gigs at Urkult 2017 (Sweden), Budapest a cappella festival 2017 (Hungary).

LESNI ZVER - an original mix of jazz, drum´n´bass and psychedelia with lyrics in English. Their compositions span from regular songs to purely improvised stuff, when they basically let the music spontaneously drive on in unintended directions, eventually ending up either in heavenly arcs of spiritual joy or in a roaring hell. "We do not perceive nu-jazz as a music necessarily connected with jazz in the historical sense of the word. It is more of a common ground, a starting point full of freedom and spontaneity, that is not limited by any definition of it as genre, and lets us wildly exploit our imagination." Performances at Brussel Jazz Marathon (Belgium), Eurojazz (Mexico), Lotos Jazz festival (Poland), Kaunas Jazz festival (Lithuania), Jazzire (Serbia).

KIESLOWSKI - acoustic duo playing urban folk. Fragile author songs, which are so convincingly written by DKP and Marie Kieslowski, have the strength of an undertow. Quietly, without hearing any noise, you are hit and before you know it, there is no turning back. Lush melodic songs, thanks to characteristic vocals, hold the listener tight and offer the whole life – love and death. Gigs at Urkult 2016 (Sweden), Eurosonic Noorderslag 2016 (Netherlands), Waves Vienna 2013 (Austria).

GHOST OF YOU - is a young band from the Czech Republic that is not afraid to wrap their choruses in the coloured light of electronic psychedelic pop music and blurry guitars. The band gives thrilling and amazingly energetic shows. Their work reflects the influence of post- and math rock, gradually making a metamorphosis into psychedelic pop. Ghost of You has found its own style and released a debut CD called Glacier and the City in 2015 (by Indies Scope) which was well-received and acclaimed by the reviews not only in the Czech press. Festivals: Sziget 2015, Nouvelle Prague 2015, Donaufestival 2016, Rock for People 2016, Colours of Ostrava 2016, A38 in Budapest, Eurosonic Noorderslag 2017, Pohoda 2017.

KAFKA BAND – a band consisting of musicians involved in well known Czech bands and respected writer Jaromir Rudis transformed the famous book Zámek (the Castle, das Schloss) by Franz Kafka into an original Czech-German audio-visual concert with graphics by Jaromir 99 (alias Jaromir Svejdik). The band has also perfmormed in theater play Das Schloss by Theater Bremen (Germany).

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