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Line up

  • Cristián Espiñeira (Bass)
  • Lucas Sanhueza (Voice, Guitar)
  • Patricio Jarpa (Drumms)


This band was created in 2004 when Cristian Espineira (bass guitar) started to compose songs alongside Lucas Sanhueza (singer and guitar), Patricio Jarpa (drums) and Arturo Rodriguez, (guitar). The latter now belongs to the well-known band Jirafa Ardiendo but he still plays in some live performances with Yeti.

Being highly influenced by bands such as The Beatles and Radiohead, they recorded they first song "Bailar", which got the first place in the Best Chilean Video Clip Contest. In 2008, they independently recorded their debut album called Yeti, consisting of 13 songs among which its best known single "Dame un Poco".

This work was recorded by Estudios Primate, a project which sets together local bands creating a new proposal of indie rock. Yeti performed with these bands in the series of live concerts taking place in Santiago de Chile.

In 2009, Yeti starts working with Infanta Terrible on the organization of their live performances and on the recording of an acoustic DVD. Precisely because of this exchange musical platform, Yeti is about to distribute its debut album in Spain working hand in hand with Subterfuge label.