Yo Soy Pérez

Yo Soy Pérez


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Line up

  • Andrés Pérez (keyboards, piano, accordion)


Distinguished Chilean musician trained on classic piano, singing, composition and musical arrangement. He has participated in different projects, among them are noteworthy to mention the homonym disc by La Bicicleta in 1999; "Grandes Exitos" by Tropiflaite in 2002 and his participation in the album "Distinto" by La Rue Morgue in 2004.

Among the musical instruments he plays we can mention the accordion, melodica, darbuka and keyboards. Nevertheless, during his last album he focused his attention on the use of the piano and his own voice so as to compose new songs, leading the path to his prominent soloist career in which he mixes all the styles he has developed along his career.

His debut soloist album was called "Parque de Dimensiones", which includes 11 songs varying from his own songs, rock, Latinamerican sounds and programmed bases. This work has just been finished after a two-year process of recording and is about to be released in the next few months.