MAMAR KASSEY - Showcase @ Womex 15

Sat. OCT 24th 2015

Twin Stage B.
Palace of Arts

Mamar Kassey builds their arid, hypnotic dance grooves with traditional acoustic folk instruments and call-and-response vocals, relying less upon rippling electric guitar leads, though there are a few. This expert juxtaposition of the old and the new suggests that Mamar Kassey is a band with a genuine vision. Splendid

Close your eyes and let Mamar Kassey's music transport you into the heart of modern Niger. Their music is a wonderful combination of traditional and modern sounds that is at once beautifully authentic and completely original.

Led by charismatic frontman Yacouba Moumouni, the 7 members of Mamar Kassey have quickly become the most significant cultural and musical ambassadors of Niger. Rich variety of sound textures and gnarly groovesbut also the percussion pump and harmonized guitar arranging associated with juju, from also-neighboring Nigeria. Mamar Kassey emerges as one of the most exciting roots pop outfits anywhere in Africa.


Credit : Eric Legret

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