Radik Tülüsh

Radik Tülüsh
Radik Tülüsh


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  • country:Russian Federation
  • region:Tuva
  • style(s):World
  • label:Inner Asian Music
  • type:Solo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal, a cappella, string, woodwind, unplugged, lute
  • artist submitted by:Inner Asian Music

Line up

  • Radik Tülüsh (2-string igil fiddle, 4-string byzaanchy fiddle, e)
  • Radik Tulush (shoor end-blown flute, doshpuluur 3-string lute)


WOMEX 13 Official Showcase Selection

Radik Tulush is a Tuvan throat-singer and master musician. He is also a celebrated improviser on the horse-head igil and byzaanchy fiddles, shoor end-blown pipe, doshpuluur lute, and Khomys jaw's harp. He has been a Director of the Tyvan National Orchestra and a member of the pioneering Tyvan rock group, Yat-Kha, that toured extensivesly internationally and received the BBC Radio 3 World Music Award in 2001. Since 2006, he has been a member of the world famous Tyvan group Huun-Huur-Tu. As a solo performer, he has made two solo CDs and is currently working with The Goshawk Project with Carole Pegg & Richard Partridge in Cambridge, UK.