In-Versão Brasileira

Line up

  • Eric Jack (DJ)
  • Marcelo Shimu (Voice)
  • Rafael Cyclop (Voice)

The Hip-Hop culture on the Brazilian version IN one of its most worthy representatives. The rappers and Marcelo Shimu Ciclope more DJ Jack, the rate of first rap, with lyrics and rhythms striking today. Shimu and Jack were members of the Brotherhood of the S / A, which has rocked the music scene Capixaba to win the "New Talent of the 2003 music festival in Victoria, in competition with artists around the Holy Spirit. They were joined by the rapper Ciclope and now form the first line of the rap capixaba, participating in major events. The group, originally from the old city, is formed by Marcelo Shimu (voice and production), Rafael Ciclope (vocals) and DJ Jack and was highlighted in capixaba music as the great promise of rap and also at the local level for this year. They officially launched their first album, the European Parliament: "Faith, fraud and Entertainment" in the live presentation Hutuz Rap Festival, a show (closing date 22/11/2007) mounted on the stage on the Arcos da Lapa (Rio de Janeiro), and was part of the official program of Cirque Hutuz 2007, considered the greatest hip-hop event in Latin America.

Since then the group has acquired great importance to his music and their first disc, which is the first release in the rap SMD Interior, low production costs and selling prices to end People (R 5, 00, with the value printed on the cover, to prevent it from being sold more expensive).

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In-Versão Brasileira


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