Mukeka di rato
mukeka di rato


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Line up

  • BREK (Drumns)
  • MOZINE  (Bass)
  • PAULISTA  (Guitar)
  • SANDRO  (Vocal)


Mukeka di Rato was formed in the city of Vila Velha / ES, Brasil, in the beggining of 1995. The band play fast hardcore in the vein of European bands with some 80's american hardcore and punk and sure, strong influence of 80's typical brazilian hardcore, with bands link Olho Seco, Ratos de Porão and Colera. Since these years the band has released many stuff around the world. All of this records together sum more than 50.000 copies sold. Their last album is "CARNE" the first by a big company in Brasil, Deck Disc. They played in south america and Japan, and keep doing many shows around Brasil since the band was formed, it means almost 15 years playing non stop around the big territory of Brasil. Now they are planning their new album for jan / 2010 and a european tour for jul / 2010.

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