Cape Town Internacional Jazz Festival . South Africa

Line up

  • Cid Travaglia: (Brazilian) . (. Djembé and electronic percussion)
  • Ivo Maia: (Mozambican)  (Vocals. )
  • Rafael Jabah: (Brazilian) .  ( Electronic programming and percussion. )


Napalma is a musical inspiration born out of interaction between Brazil and Africa. Created in 2004 in Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil they are discovering new ways to incite dance floor fever.

The show is the result of powerful electronic dance grooves, percussions and
rhythms from the rich Afro Brazilian musical heritage as samba, baiao, western African mixed with a performatic impact and inspiring vocals in portuguese, english and shangaan (from Mozambique).

Napalma have been on the road for five years, travelling around Brazil, Europe and Africa.