Pasquale D'Angelo

Pasquale D'Angelo


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  • country:Italy
  • region:Napoli
  • style(s):Mediterranean, Acoustic
  • label:Interservice s.a.s.
  • type:Band, Solo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Interservice s.a.s.

Line up

  • D'Angelo (vocal;guitar)
  • Gaetano Diodato (double bass;electric bass)
  • Gianni Guarracino (guitar)
  • Pachi Palmieri (percussions;drum)


Pasquale D' Angelo's artistic plan (the Neapolitan song tradition since 1700).

My group came spontaneously into being during the elaboration of the arrangements of my new CD, edited by the Neapolitan guitarist Gianni Guarracino ( and under my art direction, with the intent of exporting the best tradition of the Neapolitan (Italian) music culture.The characteristic of these arrangements is their open minded and modern approach to the harmonizations without neglecting the sound of the Neapolitan music tradition thus allowing me to perform in old folk song style those songs that , because of their historical and cultural collocation, require such interpretation, and in tenor style those that require lyric song pitching due to their compositional character similar to that of the arias of the Italian Opera tradition.

The classical (traditional) Neapolitan song.

It is necessary to explain thatIn the vast repertoire constituted from the end of the eighteenth century up to the 1930's, many are the songs of high artistic worth, especially in relation to the music part of the score. This is why, from Enrico Caruso onward, many tenors from all over the world have felt and still feel the absolute need to include Neapolitan songs in their repertoire.This high artistic worth and the consequent incredible worldwide spread of this kind of folk owho distinguish these songs as an expression of the Neapolitan cultural context; almost everyone knows them as "Italian traditional songs".This is understanding if one takes in consideration that, while listening to many Neapolitan melodies it isn't difficult, sometimes, to become aware of the affinity with the music culture expressed by the Italian opera.

Pasquale D' Angelo's essential biography

I was born in Naples in 1963, I studied voice under Teresa Carcavallo and ,after my diploma in double-bass, I got a Law Degree.Since 1989 I have given "voice and classical guitar" recitals throughout Italy and abroad, and have often appeared in concerts organized by classical music associations and organizations.My endless search for perfection in my singing and guitar accompaniment has given me the opportunity to establish a good reputation as a participant in classical music programmes.My repertoire includes about 100 Neapolitan songs dating back to the eighteenth century.I have appeared in concerts alongside renowned instrumentalists and singers such as Edoardo Caliendo, Yozek Cardas, Bruno Lauzi, Roberto Murolo, Sergio Bruni, Gianni Guarracino.Among my concerts I want to point out: October December 2007 Capodimonte Royal Palace in Naples organized by the " Associazione musicale Maggio della Musica" (, with my group;August 2005 " Konserts Sommer 2005" at the "Englishen Garten" in Berlin as guest at the S.O.S im E. Garten;Spring 2004 concerts at the jazz club "Bourbon Street in Naples;2004 concert for the "Istituto italiano di cultura" at the University of Stuttgard;2002 concert in a square in Naples during the "Street Festival organized by the " Fondazione F.M. Napolitano";1997 concert at the Diana theatre in Naples with the direction of Sergio Bruni (, a very famous interpreter of Neapolitan songs who, in the 1960's sold millions of records worldwide;1995,1996 concerts organized by the "Associazione S. Pietro a Maiella" in Naples;1992 concert alongside the famous singer and songwriter Roberto Murolo ( famous interpreter of the classical Neapolitan song, at the "Flag cabaret" in Naples;May 1991 concert organized by the department for Italian Studies at the University of Toronto;Summer 1990 in the square of Capri, concert with the maestro Vincenzo De Gregorio renowned organist of sacred music and current director of the Music Conservatory of Naples.Jannuary 1990 at the "Sgt. Pepper" in Genoa and in July 2003 in Anacapri concerts with Bruno Lauzi ( famous singer and songwriter.1989, 1992,1997 concerts organized by the " Associazione musicale Elena D' Ambrosio under the management of the Conservatory professors of Rome;September 1989 concert for the "Settembrata Anacaprese"with the maestro Edoardo Caliendo ( one of the most famous guitar accompanist of eighteen century Neapolitan singers.

Gianni Guarracino's biography

A Neapolitan guitarist, composer and arranger, Gianni Guarracino takes his first steps as a musician as a member of the groups of the so-called "Neapolitan power", among which "Saint Just" (with Jenny Sorrenti) and "Citta Frontale", a group that counts some members of the dissolved "Osanna" with whom he records his album "El Thor". In the same period he collaborates to the realization of the first album by Alan Sorrenti.To these first collaborations in the years to come he adds those with Gino Paoli the arrangements of Paoli's album entitled "Ha tutte le carte in regola" (songs by Piero Ciampi) are his -, with Pino Daniele, James Senese, Pino Buonocore, Enzo Gragnaniello, Edoardo De Crescenzo, with the last one he makes two records as author and arranger, as related to the "Neapolitan Sound", and again with Mia Martini, Zucchero and Mango, too. The turning point in his inspiration comes from the collaborations with Ritchie Evans, Frank Gambale and, above all, Paco De Lucia.
His first record "Dos Vias" is the result of all these experiences, his music is very fascinating and suggestive, technically complex and rational, but of a deep emotional impact.
It is cross-music, open to every contamination, in a sense oblique music, since jazz, blues, rock, folk music and the great Neapolitan melody live together in perfect harmony.
Though he compares himself to different cultural and music traditions, however his stylistic code comes from the revisitation, with extraordinary creativity and inventiveness of the great melodic tradition, Mediterranean in general and Neapolitan in particular, putting his guitar technique borrowed from flamenco at its disposal.
In the late '90s he sets up the "Gianni Guarracino Group" and starts performing in several music shows with critics praise and public approval: in the 1999 he participates to the Montesarchio Jazz Festival, where he opens Ray Charles' concert, in the 2000 he is at the Napoli Jazz Festival, with John Scofield, Bill Frisell, Larry Carlton, in the 2001 at Napoli Blues Festival, where he opens Al Di Meola's concert.
With his current quintet, which counts very good musicians all from Campania region, he takes part to the New Jersey Jazz Festival in the 2004 and in September of the same year he helds a memorable concert in Naples in Municipio square on the steps of Maschio Angioino Castle, sponsored by the Culture Councillorship of the Neapolitan Municipality.
His second album entitled Surya has been produced by TARANTA POWER and RAI TRADE. Eugenio Bennato and the faithful Daniele Brenca at the bass have taken part to it, but the fourteen tracks have been all composed by Gianni Guarracino, included the passionate piece which gives the title to the cd.