Alekos Vretos - Alekos Vretos Turkey Mini Tour April 2015

  • date:22 Apr 2015 - 29 Apr 2015
  • area: Turkey
  • style(s):
    • Jazz
    • Mediterranean
  • status: published tour
  • continents:
    • Europe / Russia
  • tour submitted by:Jadeo Music

Alekos Vretos mini tour in Turkey is about playing with friends and promoting his new CD "K on Top", which was released in December 2014.

Confirmed Dates

22nd & 23rd April 2015 (Pannonica Jazz Club,Bodrum)

29th April 2015 (Roxy Jazz Club, Istanbul)

Offered Dates

26th and 28th April 2015




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3rd track from the CD "K on Top"

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