Fusion -
Indian Worldbeat

Record Label: Starfield

Catalogue No. SF 20081
Contact Name - James Asher
Contact Information -
Artist Name - James Asher and Mahesh Vinayakram

Publisher: Radiant Music(James Asher)

Digital Distribution: IODA
Project Title - Bravado Masala
Music Genre - World Fusion
Artist Biog -

Mahesh Vinayakram, Indian virtuoso singer and improviser extraordinaire, teams up with worldbeat drum artist and producer James Asher for a selection of melodic adventures. Ranging in mood from rhythmic and danceable to thoughtful, nostalgic and contemplative.

Mahesh`s musicality and exuberant enthusiasm finds an unusual and satisfying pairing with James` strongly atmospheric grooves.

The resulting dishes are both highly distintinctive and individual, but also highly tasty, and the integration and synergy of these unusual spicy flavourings may be effortlessly savoured by the most discerning palates.

Mahesh Vinayakram comes from a famous Indian musical family. His father Vikku Vinayakram heads a family of master drummers and percussionists. Vikkhu himself is a worldclass percussion maestro, specialising in ghatam,

who has played for John McLaughlin`s Shakti, and received several grammy nominations.

Mahesh`s brother Selva Ganesh, also is recognized as the world`s finest kanjira player - a goat skin percussion instrument resembling a tambourine, whose pitch can be varied with one hand, whilst the other delivers blistering, astonishing rhythmic phrases that defy belief.

Another brother of Mahesh`s is Umashankar - another ghatam virtuoso.

Mahesh has spent some years exploring fusion within a broad palette of world music.

It was this journey that led Mahesh originally to join James in recording `Drums on Fire` -

the album James recorded with master drummer Sivamani.

James Asher is acknowledged as an original artist and producer in the field of worldbeat,

and is a keyboard-player, drummer, composer and producer, and has now created 20 commercial album releases.

`Feet in the Soil` - an earthy celebration of tribal energies, and majorly featuring drums

has enjoyed sales of over 160,000.

It is used much by workshop groups seeking strong grounding and motivational material.

`Tigers of the Raj` -a tribute to the romance and splendour of Rajasthan featuring 22 musicians, mostly Indian and resident in London was awarded Crosspulse Bronze Award for world fusion. These albums have been described by the Who`s Pete Townshend as "utterly magnificent."

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