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Jamie Smiths MABON
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  • country:United Kingdom
  • region:Wales
  • style(s):Celtic, World
  • label:Easy on the Records
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Jamie Smith's MABON

Line up

  • Iolo Whelan (Drums, Percussion, Vocals)
  • Jamie Smith (Accordion, Vocals)
  • John Eeles (Sound and Technical Operator)
  • Matt Downer (Basses, Moog)
  • Oli Wilson-Dickson (Fiddle, Vocals)
  • Paul Rogers (Guitar)


Jamie Smith's MABON
Original Interceltic / World music.

Now consistently celebrated as one of the outstanding UK based Celtic /World roots acts, the 5 piece band of virtuoso musicians have built their standing through performing a show that is “…Exhilarating, just exhilarating – a band that perform with such enjoyment, excitement, style and wit – no histrionics, just a show of originality, energy and integrity..”, (Jun-Lin Yeoh, Artistic Director, Rainforest World Music Festival, Borneo)

The band are constantly working: across the UK, Europe and further afield, and this has provided the platform for their blistering live shows. Songs, harmonies, instrumentals- a broad musical palette, the combination of talented musicianship and original music has been rewarded by the depth and breadth of events the band has been invited to perform at; and the collection of multiple awards from supporters and critics alike has only enhanced their considerable reputation.

JSM explore the forms and styles of the Celtic traditions and work them anew; the music is self-styled, singular and toe-tappingly good – an irresistible blend of world music and Celtic roots, filled with energy, joy and passion. Combining traditional instruments and a modern rhythm section, the band perform outstanding original compositions - both instrumental and vocal –mostly written and composed by their talented accordionist.
The driving rhythms of jigs and reels; a funk and groove fuelled mash-up; a graceful mazurka, an ecstatic muiñera; a haunting Welsh-language love-song– all are given the same refreshing, creative treatment as the band dances along the borders between Celtic heritage and contemporary sound.

WINNER - Eiserner Eversteiner' Audience Award (Germany/Europe) 2014

WINNER - Spiralearth 'BEST GROUP' 2014

WINNER - SpiralEarth (U.K.) online roots magazine - 'Best Instrumental Album 2010'

Winner: Jamie Smith won the open accordion competition at the 2013 Interceltique Festival du Lorient

John Eeles is the bands manager and UK agent.

World /European Festivals – selection - (in many cases headlining)
Celtic Connections (2)
Shetland Folk Festival
Cambridge Folk Festival
Sidmouth +++
Rainforest World Music Festival - Borneo
Het Lindeboom – France
Festival de Cornouailles, Quimper- France
Festival Interceltique - Lorient – France
Music Meeting – Netherlands
Gooikorts – Belgium
Scots Festival –Belgium
Deerlycke Festival-Belgium
North Sea Festival - Belgium
FestivaI Interceltique – Sendim – Portugal
Festival Interceltique– Ortiguiera – Spain
Sassari – Sardinia
Traversee de Tatihou – France
Celtica – Italy
Magia Celtica - Italy
Zamek - Poland
JSM have also performed in Denmark, Germany,Rumania and as 'Mabon'
-Canada, Australia and Mexico

As Mabon the band released 3 acclaimed CDs, "Ridiculous Thinkers"(2004), "OK Pewter"(2007), "Live at the Grand Pavilion"(2010) which included a bonus Live DVD.
Under the 'Jamie Smith's MABON' artist name. 'Windblown' was released in 2012,and 'The Space Between' in 2015.

In 2010 the band performed at WOMEX as headline for the 'off WOMEX' Welsh music night.

The band is renowned for its live show and exhilarating and joyous performances -
either in concert or standing venues or festivals.

The band's fan base stretches across all continents, and an active web based community keep in touch regularly.
They have Facebook sites in the UK and France.

LIVE REVIEWS - The band's way of stating their credentials for shows...

"If music could fuel engines, Mabon could solve the energy crisis" Songlines

" Epic.....Mabon became famous across Wales, and then the folk festival circuit, thanks to the power and versatility of Smith's remarkable accordion work" The Guardian

"An ebullient outfit famed for brilliant live shows..." Colin Irwin

"a fearsome reputation as a live band... stratospheric" Financial Times

"The music of JSM was a joy at the Derby Folk Festival" Mike Peat Joint Director

"At The Cheese and Grain, folk's latest hit boy band Jamie Smith's Mabon were pelting out a top performance to yet another capacity crowd" Froots
"Jamie Smith's Mabon are quickly earning themselves headline status. Tonight's stirring display of taut musical theatrics overflowed with showmanship and warmth." SpiralEarth

"Jamie Smith's Mabon are a class act.
Both fur coat and knickers. Uplifting, energetic and cerebral in equal measure backed up by
deft musicianship, tight arrangements, organic and shifting dynamics, tempos, grooves and
textures a journey into interceltic time, space, dimension and soundscape."
"Plaudits abound. There is an exhilarated buzz about their live performance - at festivals and the UK gigs they are now getting under their belts. Being a bit slow on the uptake, I have only just managed to see them play live. Now I get it. This seems to be a default position for most." Sarah Coxson - Froots

"On Wednesday night Jamie Smith's Mabon blazed through The Old Queen's Head in Islington and rather a lot of people packed into a warm room to see them......... They're a seriously classy live act..." Glamour Cave Blog

"They are easily one of the best of the UKs folk bands, making full use of great melodies, driving rhythms and an irrepressible stage presence" worldmusic.co.uk

" a massive reputation as one of the most scintillating and well-rounded live acts around." FATEA online mag

"The mighty instrumental force of JSM races from jigs and reels to Breton and Galician forms - it's a truly compulsive ride" Independent.

"....highly anticipated set by much talked-about Jamie Smith's Mabon was...sensational....." Fiddle.org.uk

"Jamie Smith's Mabon is the most exciting folk band around at the moment. I can say that categorically after witnessing their astonishing gig at the Ashcroft Arts Centre, in Fareham. By turn it's joyous and heart-wrenching......... Their intimate gig was one I will never forget" Portsmouth News

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