Dona Rosa
new album - Alma Livre


01 - Alma Livre
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Line up

  • Dona Rosa  (vocal)
  • Ines Vaz (accordeon)
  • Raul Abreu (guitar)

Even today fairy tales still happen - tales that read as if they were straight out of the Arabian Nights. This is the miraculous story of the blind Fado singer DONA ROSA of Lisbon:
In 1999 a Portuguese production company was asked to find a Fado singer for an Austrian Television Company production to be recorded in Marrakesh. The programme’s musical director, the well-known Viennese artist and impresario André Heller, had a particular blind street singer in mind, a woman he had heard many years ago, whose voice had moved him deeply and haunted his memory ever since. The search proved to require quite some detective work but finally she was found - DONA ROSA.

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