DAGADANA have found their inspiration in nu- merous sources: modern electronic, jazz, contempo- rary music, roots music found amongst their families and friends, at ethnic music workshops, as well as on the bookshelves of their friends and families.
From the very beginning, their philosophy has been based on meeting and exchanging music and art experiences from all over the world while being the ambassadors of Polish and Ukrainian cultures. Thanks to that, you can experience their cooperation on records, or enjoy it at the concerts with local mu- sicians in different parts of the world.
One of these meetings has lead to the record- ing of the new album entitled »Meridian 68«. Folk songs from Poland and Ukraine constitute the very heart of the album. The Eastern influence is a result of an encounter with extraordinary musicians – Hassibagen from Mongolia and Aiys Song from China – during DAGADANA’s visit to Beijing. Even though musicians didn’t know each other‘s languages, they communicated easily through music.
Prior to the release of its first album, DAGADANA had been invited to one of the biggest musical festi- vals in Europe - Open’er Festival.
Their debut record »Maleńka« has won massive acclaim among the media and cultural opinion-mak- ers, and was championed by Polish Radio 3. DAGA- DANA won the Fryderyk 2011 Award in the World Music Album of the Year category and was nomi- nated for the Phonographic Debut of the Year. Their second album »Dlaczego nie« was nominated for the 2012 Fryderyk award in the World Music catego- ry. The third record »List do Ciebie« (with poetry by Janusz Róewicz) was warmly praised in both musical and literary circles.
»Meridian 68« has received the Polish Grammy Award Fryderyk in the »Roots Album of the Year« category. This album was also released in China in 2017 and in Western Europe it will be out by JARO in 2018.
DAGADANA played concerts in places such as Moroccan deserts, The Forbidden City in Beijing/Chi- na, at the Brazilian Virada Cultural, and at numerous other spots, collecting excellent reviews from both the critics and the audiences. They have performed more than 500 concerts on four continents in 22 countries.

article submitted by:Ulrich Balss, JARO Medien GmbH