Oquestrada live Würzburg 2010
Pablo & Miranda

Line up

  • lima (portuguese guitar)
  • marina (accordeon)
  • marta (vocals)
  • pablo (bass)
  • sandro (trumpet)
  • zeto (guitar, voice, violin)


Between the countryside and the city, between two centuries, the result was a Portuguese sound that tells a
country in transition. They called it TascaBeat.
The CD "Tasca Beat"t is a sound that celebrates a vibrating Portugal in an intimate place where party and
melancholy meet each other.
A sound that winks to the fado and listens to a forgotten country, that sings with proletarian glamour the
streets of Lisbon and the suburban neighborhoods. The music of a harbor where several languages fulfilled
with the dream of departing to later return are heard, where we toast to a reinvented Portuguese heart.
OqueStrada play the sound of the suburbs singing the old and new city. It is the old postcard worn and
rebuilt by the times, it is the raw, popular and even danceable celebration of fado, as it is also Africa’s
kuduro or funaná, or Brazil, or hip hop, or every other culture that landed swiftly in this welcoming