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The Shin about The Shin
The Shin formed in 1998 in Germany where Zaza
Miminoshvili and Zurab J. Gagnidze have been
living since the end of the 20th century. In the
early 21st century, Mamuka Ghaghanidze hurried to
join them. Since then, The Shin have been on their
musical mission as a trio.

The group members are well known even in their
Georgian homeland as leading composers and
musicians. They have scripted pieces for
productions at the Tbilisi State Theater, numerous
film, TV, and radio projects, have participated in
various festivals and have won several prizes in
recognition of their work.

Amazingly, The Shin are able to smoothly combine
Georgian folk melodies with jazz, native polyphonic
singing with scat, and in general the music of the
near Orient with the modern sounds popular in the
West today.

EgAri That's it (Georgian)
The Shin, in their search for a sound that is
definitively Georgian, have created a trans-regional
fusion of various Georgian styles. Their project
EgAri is based on Georgian instrumental music,
traditional polyphonic vocals, and folk dance, and
unites for the first time these quite separate
segments of Georgian culture. It is an unusual, and
highly non-traditional combination of archaic and
modern, Caucasian and non-Caucasian
instruments, elements of Georgian harmonies with
diverse jazz threads. The Shin are not iconoclasts,
however. Only what continues to evolve will remain
in that spirit, The Shin see themselves as safe
keepers of Georgian traditions, not its destroyers.

EgAri brought together the best musicians on the
national scene, in particular virtuosos of the archaic
instruments. EgAri is the reinitiation of a peaceful
dialog between East and West, old and new, "Ours"
and "Not-Ours", that has been characteristic of
Georgian culture for centuries. This dialog is
recognizable in the poetry of Rustaveli, the
paintings of Pirosmani, the architecture of Tbilisi,
the choreography of George Balanchine (Georgi
Balanchivadze), the films of Otar Ioseliani, and
yes... ...the music of The Shin.

The Shin: "Egari" ARE:
Zaza Miminoshvili (akustische, elektrische und Midi
Gitarre, Panduri),
Zurab J. Gagnidze (Fretless, elektrischer und
akustischer Bass, Guruli Gesang, Song Writing),
Mamuka Gaganidze (Gesang und Percussion, Song
Mamuka Chichinadze (Solo Gesang, bass),
Guivi Bakuradze (Gesang),
Alexander Hizanhishvili (Chonguri, Duduki,
Salamuri, Chiboni, Chuniri, Tanz),
Hvicha Hvitisiashvili (Panduri, Duduki),
Zviad Totiauri (Solo Duduki),
David Shirtladze (Tanz, Doli)