Wild Music from Warsaw
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“Proud, inquiring, revolutionary, masterly performed, imbued with a youthful en- thusiasm that revitalizes you on every listen and manifests why it still means so- mething to be searching for music all over the land, instead of being content to listen to mainstream pop.” Rootsworld/UK
„Die Warsaw Village Band ist der Beweis dafür, dass die Klänge und Formen tra- ditioneller ländlicher Musik aus Mitteleuropa, auch wenn ihr sozialer Kontext sich inzwischen fast vollständig aufgelöst hat, nicht in den Archiven verschwinden müs- sen, sondern die Musik der Zukunft mitprägen und -gestalten können.“ FolkRoots/GER
The New York Times described the Warsaw Village Band (WVB) as one of the most important bands on the World mu- sic stage. The main strength of the band are obvious in their live performances. WVB have performed more than 500 concerts on four continents in more than 30 countries. From Tokyo and Taipei to Moscow, Tel Aviv, and Algiers. From London to Paris, Lisbon to New York, Vancouver, to Los Angeles and Seattle.


NEW CD WARSAW VILLAGE BAND „ NORD“ / Music from the top of the world

NORD is a meeting of musicians in search of common elements between the Slavs,the Scandinavians and the aboriginal peoples of the North. The Warsaw Village Band hosts this musical summit as a tribute to the heroes and mystics, the Viking warriors, and the poets of the Saami and Inuit peoples. Music strangely familiar; harsh, but dignified, cold, rough - deep and strong, with a hint of nostalgia and with a piercing thrill of truth.
The relationships of the countries of the North have a long history. The Vikings invaded Polish lands in the Middle Ages and had considerable influence on the Polish state. They also explored deeply into the continent of North America, establishing settlements in present-day Canada.