Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite of Everything

Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite of Everything
Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite of Everything
Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite of Everything
JFF+OOE House party
Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite of Everything
JFF+OOE stage


ISC winner (instrumental catagory)
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Line up

  • Charles James (bass)
  • Daniel Stadnicki  (drums)
  • Filippo Gambetta/Robbie Grunwald (accordion)
  • Jaron Freeman-Fox (violin, vocals, bandleader )
  • Samuel Davidson (clarinet)


-WOMEX12 official showcase artist-

Contorting the violin into new traditions, violinist/composer Jaron Freeman-Fox dances down the fine line between the beautiful and the absurd, while redefining what the violin is capable of. Always on the move, Jaron has produced or played on over 40 albums (Jayme Stone, Autorickshaw, Teresa Doyle) and has toured the world as a solo artist, frontman or collaborator with bands such as Delhi 2 Dublin, Sam Lee and Ben Caplan. With unique results, the Toronto-based musician has fused his fiddling roots with his study of jazz and Indian classical music. At age 14, Jaron began an apprenticeship with Canadian fiddle pioneer Oliver Schroer, which lasted until Shroer's death in 2008; Jaron has been playing his mentor's custom 5-string violin since.

In spring 2013, after 3 years of touring, writing, and recording with his fiery band The Opposite of Everything, Jaron's sophomore album was released and has been charting across Canada while garnering awards and rave reviews from colleagues and critics alike.


Described as "Tom Waits playing the fiddle, backed up by the Mahavishnu Orchestra", The Opposite of Everything consists of New Orleans-style clarinettist John Williams, electro-pop klezmer accordionist Robbie Grunwald, jazz bassist Charles James, and drummer Dan Stadnicki. Following a well received official showcase last fall at WOMEX in Thessaloniki, Greece, the band will be returning to Europe for a more extensive tour in the fall 2013.

Anyone who has enjoyed the band from the dance-floor knows how easy it is to overlook just how intricate and technically challenging Jaron's compositions are. He somehow manages to feature Indian ragas, klezmer punk, ethereal folk music and latin-infused funk on a single record, and yet no single one of these elements defines the album. What connects the dots between these seemingly disparate styles is Jaron's virtuoso musicianship and larger-than-life personality, which definitely has to be experienced live.

"Flat out fun throughout all 13 songs here. They would be an absolute trip live, and this record will have you hoping for that day." - FOLKWORLD

"The late, great boundary-pushing violinist Oliver Schroer is no longer with us. Ashley MacIsaac went right off his rocker long ago. And so here comes s--t-hot fiddle fiend Freeman-Fox... to extract smoke from his bow while tearing through genres from Yiddish, Irish, Acadian, Roma and ragtime to anything else he finds in his travels, including various shades of jazz and prog rock and even some Mongolian throat singing for good measure... together, they can slay any band, anywhere, anytime."

"..like a fiddling Frank Zappa or Sun Ra and his Arkestra, changing pace and styles on a dime but always with consummate musicality. ...Great chops, while running a gamut of musical moods... As a live band, they seem like they'd be well-nigh unstoppable."
-PENGUIN EGGS (summer 2013 issue 58)

"The inspirations come from all over the mapjazz, pop, rock, classical and myriad forms of folk and world music. In lesser hands, mixing all these colours would result in a suspicious shade of brown but Freeman-Fox uses them deftly, never allowing any to dominate for long. Playful and inventive, he's constantly on the move, creating kaleidoscopic music with bold, bright tones."
-PENGUIN EGGS (autumn 2013 issue 59)

"Their virtuosity suggested years of classical training, and yet their sheer enthusiasm and raw energy removed any sort of pretension. It is a rare pleasure to witness something that is genuinely original, fresh and inventive"

"There's no denying violinist and multi-instrumentalist Jaron Freeman-Fox's talent, nor his spirit of musical adventure... a beautifully executed instrumental travelogue" - NOW MAGAZINE

"As soon as The Opposite of Everything hits the stage, the groove is irresistible and young and old dance in front of the stage. ...The band leaves the stage and it's too soon obvious that the audience wants more." - THE WALLEYE