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  • Mamadou Diabaté (Balophon)

Mamadou Diabaté - "Masaba Kan"

"A huge, colorful mosaic, in which all the bricks have the freedom to change their position, color and shape" – this is how Mamadou Diabaté sees the world. The balafon player from Burkina Faso lives out this belief with his entire heart and soul: deeply rooted in the centuries old Griot culture of West Africa, he revives them with new flashes of inspiration from Pop, Jazz and Funk. His new album “Masaba Kan” makes the mosaic of Burkina Faso shimmer in a new and exciting splendor.

The album "Masaba Kan" will be released at 28th March 2014!

Mamadou Diabaté


Mamadou Diabaté


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Masaba Kan

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