Julieta Guerrero & The Flippers

Julieta Guerrero & The Flippers
Julieta Guerrero & the flippers
European Tour Julieta Gguerrero
Album "Puertas"


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  • country:Denmark
  • style(s):Folk, Alternative
  • label:No Fridge
  • type:Quartet
  • instrumentation:percussion, singer songwriter, pop group, unplugged, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Jengibre Music / Management

Line up

  • Claus Raahauge (Drums and afrikan percussion set )
  • Julieta Guerrero (accoustic guitar, vocals )
  • Michael Torfing (12 strings guitar, transverse flute, mandolin, fid)
  • Mikkel Olrick (Double bass)


Julieta Guerrero &The Flippers is the special gathering of the young argentinian composer and songwriter, and the Danish folk musicians Claus Raahauge, Michael Torfing and Mikkel Olrick. The generational and cultural contrast creates a unique mixture of sounds in the actual European scene, with strong Indie roots, brushed up, harmonized and mellowed by the Danish-folk influence that combine new sounds with instruments like transverse flute, violin, double bass, mandolin and 12 string guitar.
The band comes together in 2015 when Julieta Guerrero releases her debut album “Puertas” and tours in Europe around Madrid, Roma, Graz, Viena, Prague, Bratislava, Copenhague, London and Berlin, city where she meets the percussionist Claus Raahauge and play together at the Festivals Rock am Löschteich and Fete de la Musique. The musical connection was strong and the tour goes on all over Denmark during 2016. Having a big impact on people, the project became established to continue a promising multi-cultural path with a new tour in 2017.

More about:

Claus Raahauge: Plays drums, percussion, sound-efx in any kind of style since the '70s. Has been around dance/theatermusic, filmsound, foleyartist, a/v-tek and TV in Denmark and touring all over Europe.

Mikkel Olrick: Plays double bass, bass guitar, guitar, mandola and hyrdy-gyrdy. Played with the Blues band 'Gordon's Blue Cry' in the 70's, the Symphonic rock band 'Duke' in the 80's, the Folklore Ensemble 'Tingluti' and the Balkan band 'Padderokkerne' in the 90's, the 'Hygieiner' backing band 00's and the Medieval Band.

Michael Torfing: Plays different flutes, guitar, mandolin, piano and saxophone.
Played in the ‘70s in different folk bands like Hanegal (Rooster crow) and Emmelev showband.
Since then, lot of Celtic music in Celtique.dk, The Priests Band and Mirsk in France and Denmark. He also made lot of theater music for danish theaters.