JLP Music Management

We are a Cultural Management Company founded in March 2001 and dedicated to promotion of the World Music, Cuban Music & Flamenco.

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We show various artistic formats, styles and genres; record management; technical-services professionals, consultancies, training courses, workshops and specialized projects in the field of Cuban music, entertainment theme for specialized events.

Artists: Jóvenes Clásicos del Son, Cuban Beats All Stars, Vocal Tempo, Septeto Naborí, Enrique Heredia "Negri", Amós Lora and others.

And in terms of musical genres and styles, we have groups of Latin Jazz, Son Traditional, A Capella, Folklore, Salsa, Timba y Flamenco.


Somos una Agencia artística dedicada especialmente a la promoción de artistas y grupos de música cubana.

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  • WOMEX 2008
  • virtualWOMEX


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