Grupo Naborí (JLP Music Management )

Grupo Naborí (JLP Music Management )
Naborí 2018
Septeto Naborí 2018
Poster 2018


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  • country:Cuba
  • region:Caribbean
  • style(s):Son cubano
  • label:Producción Independiente
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:salsa and latin band
  • artist submitted by:JLP Music Management

Line up

  • Alejandro Santiago Morcate Escobedo  (Guitar & voice)
  • Humberto Larduet Estopiñan (Trumpet)
  • Ivan Antonio Rodriguez Nuñez (Vocal Leader & Minor percussion)
  • Jose Alberto Avila Almaguer (Percussion)
  • Luis Alberto Danger Savigne (Percussion)
  • Pavel Molina (Bass)
  • Ramon Agustin Carbonell Alvarez (Tres)
  • Yoelis Catasus Torres (Vocal Leader & Minor percussion)


Considered by many as one of the most dynamic groups of traditional music in recent years, Nabori is a good example of how young people assimilate the best of our traditional music.
Born in 1993 The group Nabori has been able to maintain and develop the enthusiasm that brought them together from the beginning. Nabori worked with Oscar de Leon evidencing the quality of their rythms.
Open recruitment Europe 2018