"Miette" - Johanna Juhola

Johanna Juhola
Johanna Juhola: Miette


music by Johanna Juhola
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Johanna Juhola is doing to accordion in the 21st century what Johanna Juhola follows her own path as a musician and composer and gives new features to accordion as an instrument.
Kimmo Mattila, Hanuri 2/2006 (Johanna Juhola: Miette album review)

Juhola is, along with Kimmo Pohjonen and Maria Kalaniemi, one of the great innovators of accordion music. Disruptions are contrasted to beauty, storm to calm, childhood to aging and cheerfulness to pomposity. Unforgettable and impossibly beautiful.
Tero Salonen, Anna 15.6.2006 (Johanna Juhola: Miette album review)

Maria Kalaniemi did in the 1990’s – she combines time-tied musical phenomena into her own, forward-oriented style that reaches an audience outside the traditional folk music circles too. Juhola’s Miette is a convincing solo debut – she has already been an influential member of several bands. Her skills show not only in the virtuosic playing and vivid compositions, but also in her brilliant collaboration with guest musicians.
Kare Eskola, Rondo 7/2006 (Johanna Juhola: Miette album review)