Johanna Juhola Trio

Johanna Juhola Trio
Johanna Juhola Trio


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  • country:Finland
  • style(s):Electronic, Folk
  • label:Johanna Juhola Music
  • type:Trio
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist submitted by:Juhola, Johanna

Line up

  • Hannu Oskala (sound design, samples)
  • Johanna Juhola (accordion)
  • Roope Aarnio (guitar, vocals)


With her Trio, virtuoso accordionista Johanna Juhola packs her singular compositions into a multicoloured back-pack and wanders off in search of new sonic landscapes. It's a journey characterized by the intimate interplay and free-flowing improvisation between her button accordion and the dexterous acoustic guitar playing of Roope Aarnio. What appears to be a duo on the stage is indeed a
trio as the heard-but-unseen hand of sound designer Hannu Oskala enhances and expands the mix with expert creative use of effects. Textures of jazz, classical and folk are blended into Johanna's multifaceted tango-nuevo inventions, illustrating instrumental stories full of spontaneous and sometimes surreal flights of fantasy. Johanna Juhola Trio appears on the albums 'Fantasiatango', 'Fantasiatango 2' and 'Shadow of a Diva' and has performed in Russia, Germany, Algeria, Denmark, Mexico, France, Portugal, Norway, Japan and Sweden.

"Thanks to this naughty innovator, the tango's lifespan has been extended by at least another century."
"Refreshing, different, magical, young, pearl of world music."
”Johanna captivates and seduces the audience with her virtuoso accordion playing and charmingly humorous small talk.”
"Johanna Juhola has been called one of the most interesting innovators of accordion music in Finland"
”Johanna Juhola is one of Finland’s most artistically ambitious crafters of contemporary folk music.”