"Max höjd" - Kraft

Kraft "Max höjd"


Music by Johanna Juhola
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Johanna Juhola: accordion, toy grand piano, claviola
Pekka Kuusisto: violin, electric violin, samples, harmonium

Kraft is a collaboration of two virtuosos, Johanna Juhola (accordions) and Pekka Kuusisto (violin). Hence, their playing is super skilled, dancing around technical pitfalls. The combination of a classically singing violin and a tight rap tempo in `One MC, one delay´ is especially exhilarating. The duo’s swing challenges the original Don Johnson Big Band whose vocalist Tommy Lindgren features in this screwball arrangement. As if in passing, the album has gulped down some tango and polska too. Quite a debut.
Pirkko Kotirinta, Helsingin Sanomat 7.3.2009 (Kraft: "Max Höjd" album review)

These super-skilled musicians make genuine, original entertainment as they venture from the fields of accordion and violin to any sounds or genres of music…Johanna Juhola plays Kraft’s contemporary-ethnic-jazz-prog-fusion as her native language, and playing live she takes a great deal of responsibility for the rhythm, harmony, and bass lines. Pekka Kuusisto lets his mischievous nature loose and fills the room with sounds and ideas.
Kare Eskola, Rondo 3/2009 (Kraft: "Max Höjd" album review)

From the first notes of Max Höjd it is made clear that one must give up any hope for defining the genre of this music. It is like impressionistic, cinematic, musical fireworks that flies too high to even try to get a grip of. The two artists abandon themselves to the game called music without shame. Max Höjd is a package of breathtaking virtuosity that makes even the mini grand piano exude professionalism. A mood album capable of changing one’s mood.
Jimmy Träskelin, Pelimanni magazine February 2009 (Kraft: "Max Höjd" album review)

Kraft’s first cd Max Höjd has come out. It is captivatingly fresh and surprising. The moods of the pieces range from boisterous jamming to ethereal fairy tale scenery with the lightly tinkering mini grand piano, as in `Illusia´. `Valaat ´ (whales) dives into deep oceans with brilliant, electronically spiced sounds.
Päivi Kurkikangas, Apu magazine 2009 (Kraft: "Max Höjd" album review)