Johanna Juhola

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Tens of millions of TV viewers saw Johanna Juhola play the song "Fantasiatango" as an opener for Eurovision song contest 2007 in Helsinki. Fantasiatango is also title of Johannas second solo album released in February 2010 and it describes very well the style of the music, which is completely composed by Johanna herself.

Besides Tango Nuevo, electronica plays a big role in Johanna's music because the two latest albums "Fantasiatango" and "Tango Roto Live" have been produced and mixed by internationally acclaimed music producer Tuomas Norvio, who has also worked with f. ex. Wimme and Rinneradio. Tuomas has done all the album programming and he also plays live electronics in Johanna Juhola Reaktori. The other musicians are a double bass queen Sara Puljula and a harmonium innovator Milla Viljamaa.
Reaktori offers a mix of ingredients from these four exuberant musicians. Juhola is in charge of the compositions, but the players’ characteristics can be heard in the arrangements. The mood shifts from chamber musical folk tones to offbeat electronic music or from a celebration of naivism to virtuosic excitement.
The other band playing Johannas music is Johanna Juhola Trio with an virtuoso guitarist Roope Aarnio and a sound designer Hannu Oskala who is effecting Roopes and Johannas sounds and playing samples.

Many of Johannas songs have originally been composed for theatre, so they are certain kind of short stories. About limping man, who created an unique tango dancing style, about the last of the coyotes, the stressful modern communication speed, jealousy and about band mates with whom is possible to make musical dreams come true.

Juhola shows that accordion isn't only just an old-fashioned instrument. She surfs fluently from modern folk music to tango, classical, jazz and even pop and combines time-tied musical phenomena into her own, forward-oriented style.

"Johanna Juhola is the new tango queen of Schweinfurt."
Alice Natter, Main Post 26 September 2016 (Johanna Juhola Reaktori concert review)

"One of the highlights of last summer’s Haapavesi Folk Festival was the production of Johanna Juhola & Imaginary Friends. When the concert was over, we were all suspended in a dream world, somewhere between film and reality."
Paul Silfverberg, Kansanmusiikki magazine 2/2016 (Johanna Juhola & Imaginary Friends concert review)

Audience comments of Johanna Juhola & Imaginary Friends:

“The tremendous Johanna Juhola made my jaw hit the floor and my imagine run wild in her remarkable Imaginary Friends concert!”

“Johanna Juhola & Imaginary Friends was rock solid. Musically, visually, and artistically it was perhaps the best concert I’ve seen on the Kapsäkki stage. It was also very well crafted,
captivating and stylish. World-class stuff!”

“What a fabulous project! Everyone go see this wherever it is on!”

“The Kapsäkki theatre team and I want to extend a public ‘thank you’ on social media for the well-rounded, touching, delightful and enchanting expert performance you gave us. A knockout!”

“An incredibly stunning and moving performance, a fantastic treat for the eyes and ears.”

“An absolutely stupendous and skilful show that generated a wide range of feelings.”

“Wow! I am very impressed! What a terrific entirety.”

"Thanks to this naughty innovator, the tango’s lifespan has been extended by at least another century."
Ton Maas, Ode Magazine kevät 2011 (Fantasiatango -levyarvo

"Refreshing, different, magical, young, pearl of world music."
Ilkka magazine 6.7.2011 (review of The Limits of Tango -show)

"Johanna Juhola has been called one of the most interesting innovators of accordion music in Finland."
Saara Pakarinen, Me Naiset magazine, March 2010 (Fantasiatango album review)

Johanna Juhola

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