Line up

  • Anna Wiksten (voc, perc, plankku)
  • Eija Kankaanranta (kanteles)
  • Kaisa Saarikorpi (voc, cigar box instruments, guitar,perc)
  • Laura Kaartinen (voc, harmonium, perc)
  • Minna-Liisa Tammela (voc, bowed lyre, comb, Jew´s harpperc)
  • country:
  • style(s):
    • Blues
    • Scandinavian
  • label:
    Inkoon musiikki - IMU
  • type:
    Small Ensemble
  • artist submitted by:

Juurakko serves a delightful combination of Finnish and Afro-American roots music with vivid storytelling and rakish skiffle spirit. Highly skilled a cappella blues singing in Finnish is combined with exotic instruments like the kantele, the harmonium, the bowed lyre, the cigar box guitar, a coffee mug and a suitcase. The music of Juurakko invites you to a waltz with an old sailor, takes you to an island of unwanted people and brings earthy echoes from the Deep South.




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