Trad.Attack! Shimmer, Photo: Rene Altrov
Trad.Attack! Photo Kroot Tarkmet
Trad.Attack! Photo: Krõõt Tarkmeel
Trad.Attack! Photo: Silver Tõnisson
Trad.Attack! Photo Mikk-Mihkel Vaabel
TRAD.ATTACK! Photo Renee Altrov


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  • country:Estonia
  • region:Northern Europe
  • style(s):Folk, Rock
  • label:Nordic Notes
  • type:Band, Trio
  • artist posted by:JV-Promotion

Line up

  • Jalmar Vabarna (guitar, vocals)
  • Sandra Vabarna (bagpipe, whistles, jew’s harp, vocals)
  • Tõnu Tubli (drums, vocals)


Exciting and energetic Estonian sounds in which the old and new collide and spark.

TRAD.ATTACK! is Sandra Vabarna, Jalmar Vabarna and Tõnu Tubli, a distinguished trio of musicians dedicated to carrying the folk traditions of Estonia forward into the 21st century.

TRAD.ATTACK! play their own interpretation of Estonian folk, a fusion of rock, folk and bagpipe drive. They draw inspiration from archive recordings of the great Estonian folk singers and instrumentalists who created and performed music for work, leisure and festivities in the old times. TRAD.ATTACK! brings their voices and their music to the 21st century, building modern sound and pulsating rhythmic structures around old recordings, creating an impressively big sound from acoustic 12-string guitar, drums, an array of whistles, bagpipes and mouth harps.

Since their 2014 debut TRAD.ATTACK! has released two internationally acclaimed albums, won 17 music prizes, and played in over thirty countries from Chile to Malaysia — including such festivals as WOMEX, WOMAD UK and Chile, Eurosonic, Transmusicales, Mundial Montreal. Folk music is definitely their starting point, but not their boundary.

Booking: worldwide, except Estonia, North America, France, Italy, Spain