• country:USA
  • region:North America
  • style(s):Experimental
  • label:None
  • artist submitted by:Kadvan Entertainment


More about Droid:
Emerging out of the underground dens of New York City's DJ-based remix revolution - DROID pushes the envelope of improvised music, mixing elements from breakbeat / electronica to industrial rock and nu-form jazz. Their combination of all these disparate sensibilities is a touchstone to an incredible new scene in NYC; reminiscent of the eclectic mix of people and sounds that brought about the early 80's NO WAVE scene. In 2000 the band was signed to Shadow Records and released "NYC D 'n' B" as well as various tracks on Shadow compilations "Hard Sessions" 1 & 2. NYC's DJ Spooky and Detroit producer Carl Craig also used Droid material for their own remixes. The musicians that make-up DROID combine experimentation, musicianship and an attitude for current beat culture. Jordan McLean (member of Antibalas & leader of Fire Of Space) plays trumpet, Amir Ziv (long-time member of Cyro Baptista's Beat The Donkey & leader of KOTKOT w/Marc Ribot, Cyro Baptista & Shahzad Ismaily) plays drums, Adam Holzman (long-time keyboardist and musical director of Miles Davis!!! & leader of Brave New World) plays synthesizers & Fender Rhodes. As for the LOW-END.... BASS that is - it's basically a rotating "electric" chair which so far has been very bravely filled by: Tim LeFebvre, Jonathan Maron, Shahzad Ismaily, Stu Brooks & Yossi Fine. Droid has been very active durind 2005/2006 playing live and recording/archiving their current sound.

Here's what some people recently had to say:
URB - "Like '70s-era Miles Davis, Droid transcends genres as the musicians link disparate elements of sound with astounding results." Chris Muniz

BPM - "Droid seems to be leading the way as far as truly "live" drum 'n' bass/electronica-infused-jazz is concerned." MC. (Blips)

TIME OUT NEW YORK - "You can expect the high-energy group to pull out what ever stops may be left to pull."

FUTURE MUSIC - "A high-octane journey - Newform Jazz." Lisa McGee

URB - "The astounding drum work of Amir ziV may convince even the most ruffneck kids that they're in the hands of masters." Chris M.

AP - "Real-time drum 'n' bass from a planet OUT of our immediate solar system. WAY 'out-of-the-box' - way AHEAD of it's time."