• country:Indonesia
  • region:Java
  • style(s):Gamelan, Contemporary
  • label:Network Medien
  • artist submitted by:KAPA Productions


In a fast-changing Indonesia a new generation of musicians are taking on the task of redefining their rich musical heritage for the new millennium. SambaSunda are an irresistible 17-piece ensemble bringing together a pan-Indonesian array of instruments and influences to create a new style Gamelan orchestra where the sounds and grooves of bamboo and percussion dominate. The classic sounds and shapes of the traditional instruments evoke not only the past but also the bustling, urban energy of the West Javanese capital Bandung today - a visual and acoustic riot Their current international release is on much respected Network Medien, while a dozen or so albums have been released locally in Indonesia over the years. "Subverting Indonesian musical stereotypes with gusto..." (Evening Standard)