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Artist: Carlos "GoGo" Gomez
Album: New Paradigm Global Music
Kidlat Records
Scheduled for release approximately Oct 1st, 2010

Pulse. Beat. Rhythm. Vibration. Can music open pathways to multidimensional awareness? Causing listeners to transcend perceived boundaries of time, space, language and cognition; and thereby enter into altered states of consciousness? Can self-actualization, healing, and blissful unification with universal intelligence result from such experiences? Will new understandings of Oneness change the way we live: our relationship to one another, the planet and the cosmos? Can it bring about a new paradigm?

New Paradigm Global Music explores these questions. It is an experiment into the realm of shamanic or trance dance. Ancient and modern cultures, from around the world, have viewed dance as a means of worship and healing. Movement as inner exploration and transformation. Movement as liberation from the ubiquitous ego/mind illusion. Movement as medicine, prayer, a personal yoga. Dance in a celebration of and communion with spirit.Mystics, yogis, martial artists, and all forms of sacred dancers use their bodies to shift consciousness and explore the unseen realities of our existence. As we enter into a new era of profound transformation, we must find ways of adapting to changing circumstances and creating new realties. Developing a spiritual orientation that draws sustaining energy and inspiration directly from our planet Earth will be a useful practice. Drawing energy up from the Earth through the soles of our feet, to ground us in times of confusion. Conscious journeying of the soul will perhaps be one of the most powerful means of addressing our immediate individual and collective needs.

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