Anne-Mari Kivimäki

Anne-Mari Kivimäki
the Wheel of Time album


Archaic Karelian techno music from Anne-Mari Kivimäki´s album The Wheel of Time
  • 1 Hutjakka
  • 2 From Katzenjammer to Karelia
  • 3 Spinner
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  • country:Finland
  • region:Scandinavia
  • style(s):Folk, Techno
  • label:Kihtinäjärvi records
  • type:Solo, Duo
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Kihtinäjärvi Records

Line up

  • Anne-Mari Kivimäki (accordion, vocals)


Anne-Mari Kivimaeki plays archaic Karelian techno music. Anne-Mari Kivimaeki (b. 1976) is a musician and composer from Tampere, Finland. She is occupied with the renowned and original duo Puhti and the Hehkumo band with its full-blooded music. Kivimaeki won the respected Konsta Jylhae Competition, in 2013 and she released a solo album The Wheel of Time, in 2013.

During her career Kivimaeki has actively performed in Finland and abroad e.g. in the Nordic Countries, Central Europe, Mozambique, Benin and Hong Kong. In addition to giving concerts, Kivimaeki has worked as a composer and performer in productions that combine music, dance and theatre. Kivimaeki worked in Southern Ostrobothnia in the Kylaepelimannit ("The Village Fiddlers") folk music pilot project in 2002-2005. This ground-breaking project spawned a number of similar projects e.g. in Southern and Eastern Finland.